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“I remember many years ago witnessing something special: I was attending a function featuring renowned Fed Ex President Jim Barksdale as guest speaker. Problem was, there was a last-minute cancellation. With nearly two hundred people arriving, the organizers were in a panic.

Until Scott walked over and said: “I can step in for you. Just give me a moment to put some thoughts together.” Less than an hour later, Scott walked into the room and addressed the audience as if he had been preparing for months.

It was one of the most electrifying, engaging, endearing, honest speeches I had heard in my life. It remains so.” 

—James Cundiff, talent agent in Hollywood for 20 years at William Morris and UTA, currently Vice-President of Entertainment for Davie Brown Entertainment, an agency owned by Omnicom.

“I've had the privilege of contributing to the educations of several hundred students—three Pulitzer Prize winners, two Neiman fellows, authors of biographies, histories, political non-fiction and popular culture. Students have been foreign correspondents, Washington Bureau chiefs, White House correspondents, and a spokesman for the President of the United States, a senior vice president of Hill and Knowlton, and senior editors at The New York Times and USA Today and other newspapers. They have earned awards beyond counting, as disparate as six Grammys and an Edgar. I mention as much only to say that I know a “good one” when I see one. 

Scott Morris is one of the most gifted speakers and teachers I have ever seen at work.”  

—Jere Hoar, professor of journalism and award-winning author of the novel The Hit and the short-story collection "Body Parts."

“Scott is a gifted writer and speaker, as well as a keen observer of culture, media and politics. Entertaining and thought-provoking, Scott will captivate your audience as he cuts through all the noise and excuses with candor, authenticity and humor. He will most certainly challenge and inspire your team to focus on growing both professional and personal relationships.”

—Scott Jones, Vice-President of eMeals and former Executive Editor of "Southern Living" magazine.

“Morris connects on an individual level with each member of his audience. He reminds us of the selves we aspire to be, bringing texture, color and context to the truths we have deeply within us but that have eluded full conscious definition. Morris’s speaking-style is deceptively and beautifully simple, yet his talks are rich with context and insights leveraged from references and quotations he layers in from a seemingly encyclopedic knowledge of Western culture and thought.”

—Jay Oglesby, President of Lifestyle Properties at Capstone Collegiate Communities and former Principal and a Senior Vice-President with Wells Fargo's commercial real estate finance group.

"Scott Morris...courtly eloquence reminds me of Allan Gurganus; his pure, pitch-perfect dialogue reminds me of Mark Twain."

—The Los Angeles Times

Scott Morris is full of drive, imagination, and heart. I consider him one of the finest students I have ever had in twenty years of teaching. I would rank him with some of the finest writers of the last fifty years. It is my opinion that he is destined to be a writer to reckon with, a writer of the first rank.”

—Rick Moody, award-winning novelist and writer and professor at New York University.

“Scott Morris provides the best of both worlds. He is obviously intelligent (with a background in philosophy, rhetoric, and creative writing), but he is also very much the guy next door. He can speak to any group on any topic. On ten different occasions, I've hired Scott to give the keynote speech at a conference I run. He is always engaging and inspiring, tackling subjects a far ranging as the construction of wisdom to caring for a baby squirrel. The audience varies from 23 to 63, and without fail they report that Scott's talk was one of the highlights of the conference. He is eloquent without being staged, passionate without being fanatical, insightful without being pedantic, and friendly without being forced. He's a great choice for any speaking engagement.” 


—M.O. Walsh, New York Times best-selling author, professor of English at University of New Orleans and Founder of the Yokna Writer's Conference.

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