Scott Morris is a speaker and writer. The author of two critically-acclaimed novels, he’s also written for The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post and The Los Angeles Times.

Whether giving a motivational talk, academic lecture or addressing a church or corporate group, Morris’s range is wide. No matter the audience size or make-up, he's able to combine depth of thought with dynamic emotional power.

Morris attended graduate school at Oxford University, the University of Chicago and New York University. He has been a college professor, as well as an executive editor for several media companies.

He's married to artist Katie Morris, whose father and grandfather are both in the Country Music Hall of Fame. Scott and Katie have a daughter Lindie, and a baby boy Folsom, named in honor of his grandfather Max Folsom Morris. 

They live in Winter Park, Florida.

Max Folsom Morris

“On April 9, 2018, my father passed. He was my best friend, confidante and tireless supporter. An internationally-known speaker, over the course of his life my father was a pastor, a prolific writer, CEO of a company with a sales force numbering several thousand and the inventor of a patented reading system which earned him coverage by Forbes, CNN, USA Today and many other national media outlets. 

In 1961, while serving as one of the youngest pastors to lead a major church, he preached a landmark sermon on the immorality of segregation. It garnered nation-wide media attention. A man of fearless conviction, he was one of the most gifted speakers anywhere. He is survived by my mother, Nila Vae, the love of his life."